Main Feature

Android, IOS App and Web Platform

SMS Alerts

Engine off/on from App

Daily Milage Report

Safety Alerts

Different Maps

Fuel Monitoring

Route History Playback

Google Street View

10 Second Update

Ignition Alert

Maintenance Alert

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Mobile app And Web

By using our mobile app or web you can track your vehicle anywhere

In real-time tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS device connection was active. Server can generate and send you notifications via e-mail or notify with a pop-up window, when something happens. That kind of events might be when object enters or exits geofence area, violates speed limit, presses SOS button, GPS device loses connection and even starts engine or opens door.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • History and Reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Geofencing, fuel savings
  • For personal use or business

We Cover

Logistics Transport

Private Cars

Construction Equipment

Public Transport

Motor Bike

Ship and Cargo

CNG Auto-rickshaw

Business Transport

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